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Oh My Goodness. Thank you all for all of your compassion and sympathy in this difficult time. Cat Blogosphere, thank you for the graphic, it is beautiful and brought happy tears to my eyes, I am so thankful and .. .just thank you, I don't know what to say.

For the Living Love, thank you for that, it was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes as well. It is all so very true. 

Katie Kat, thank you, I am looking forward to that day with great want.

For the poem, my gracious God, thank you for showing me that. Tears again, and so true, I will not ignore any other animals, I will continue to adopt strays, bring in the unwanted and try to tend to them and love them the best I can. I can somewhat understand those who say "I don't think I'll ever get another pet, I cannot bear the loss," because for a few fleeting seconds I had thought the same thing. But I now have Chickster, and the 4 outside cats, Boca who is the most loving and least fearful of me, who licks me and seems to know I am sad. My mother hopes one day we can bring him in. 

For all of your comments, thank you so much. I will keep in touch with the Cat blogosphere and begin helping others now, to try to return a small fraction of the great compassion you all have shown Boo, and me. Thank you so much. Love, and hugs. <3
I am sorry to inform everyone that Boo passed away peacefully this morning at approximately 10:15AM at the vet's office. I held him in my arms and told him I loved him, and he went without a single growl or meow. He was very tired. In short, his body had given up, his kidneys had given up, his fur wouldn't even grow. His soul was tired, his body was tired, so I had to let him go. 

He has been buried in my back yard in a beautiful cardboard casket the vet so sweetly gave me, along with his favorite cuddly blanket and my mother put a small red rose bud with stem in there with him. I am carving a headstone for him. 

I have nothing else to say right now, I don't believe it has fully hit me. I must gather all of his things and put them away. Chickster wouldn't get near him as I tried to let her smell him, but she growled and ran away. This was her first experience with death so I can imagine. 

Thank you all for your kind words and support, it was so helpful and desperately needed, along with everything else. 
Boo has an appt with Dr. Pierce at 10am this morning. He only pee'd three drops from what Mom says last night, and this morning I found him laying on the bathroom rug too exhausted to leave the bathroom. She said his breathing got very bad last night and this morning he is wheezing badly. He won't eat. I will update later.
Boo started breathing easier last night and Mom said he went pee twice and drank water. This morning he is still breathing easier, I gave him around 50mL of fluids like I did yesterday, he has no pouch left, and he drank a very large amount of water this morning from the fridge water in a coffee cup. He ate a little bit of baby food but otherwise acts like he can't be bothered. Mom said he went pee by himself and she helped him back into his box, otherwise he has had no collapsing episodes. He just acts very tired. 

Will be asking Dr. Pierce Monday (getting a visit and bringing him in) about maybe his kidney stones shifting and causing him pain, we may just have to go in and remove them. That kidney is very swollen. Also will try to get a full panel done on him and see if anything else is off. I love this vet, they are so willing to work with me and care about Boo so much. 

The male vet I saw claims it is his kidneys failing further and he has less than 25% function left (Sorry if I repeat myself in these posts, I can't remember what I've said and what I haven't) but maybe if we get those stones out things will improve for awhile. 

Am also wondering (Grasping at straws here but watching Dr. House has screwed me up) If our taking the floor up in the downstairs bathroom has anything to do with this sudden onset. Because it WAS sudden, his breathing issue. He was doing great before Thursday. I can't understand it. It's a 1975 house, we took up carpet (newer) padding (older) and old '75 particle board 1" thick, which we had to break apart. This is a split level house (3 levels) and he is in the middle at either staircase on a server, and this dust doesn't blow around. But we've been breaking the particle board for several weekends now so I .. don't think it would be the case. I was wondering if something was coming up through the actual wood boards (the actual boards that make the sub floor) from underneath the house that could be affecting him. All that is probably wrong, it is probably just his kidneys. But I have no clue.

Gave him his pet tinic, male vet said to keep up with that. He is only getting .25mL 

He is still breathing easy. I cannot move his pans to him or he will not use him, he will just go back down to the pan room. He always has been very mannered and hates to make a mess and wants to do what we want him to do. He really is the perfect gentleman. Thank you all so much and I will update if anything changes or as soon as I talk with Dr. Pierce. <3 <3 <3

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    Boo was a 13.5 year old Persian male with Chronic Renal Failure diagnosed 03/15/10. He passed away peacefully on 08/02/10. For more on Boo, visit Boo's Life Story page.

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    I live in Central North Carolina and take care of 6 cats. 4 outside 'wanderers' and 2 indoor, Boo and Chickster. Boo is 13 years old and Chickster is 1-2. I'd rather be at home with my cats than anywhere else. I devote most of my time to Boo and try not to accidentally ignore Chickie Sue. I am starting to notice they can be a lot like children sometimes! It is not always an easy job!


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