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Went and bought some 2nd level Gerber baby food like the vet said. Boo ate nearly an entire jar of Chicken and Chicken gravy (No onions or garlic) and loved it. Mom said while I was gone he went and tinkled, got on the server and had to lay down to recover for about 1 minute, then bounced right back up and was fine. I am guessing this is from the muscle wasting the vet mentioned, because his PCV is 20%, up from 19%. Which is good. 

Before I left to get the baby food, Mom and I caught him curled up in his box on his right side (The side with his enlarged kidney, he always lays on that side usually, doesn't seem to cause him any pain) with his head down on its side and he only lays like that when he's REALLY comfy. His breathing was NORMAL guys. It was deep and relaxed. What GIVES? I am so confused! I can't wait to tell Dr. Pierce about this.

Another interesting thing is the vet I saw today, at the same hospital, said he had "heard about Boo-Boo". I was like what? Wow, he's getting around huh? :) Guess those x-rays made an impression on those vets. Good. 

Anyway. Boo is resting now, I must clean out pans and try to get some rest too as both Mom and Boo are napping. Chickster, too. She has been very quiet since we got back from the vet, ... which kinda worries me.. but can't do much about it now. She is in her little kitty tent sleeping.

Thank you all so much <3 <3 <3


01/09/2011 19:26

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