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Boo doesn't even need his muzzle on for fluids anymore. He lets me do them as long as I give him a beef temptation. Also, I am using 19 gauge needles now. The 20's were going too slow, but the 18's were too painful for him. So the 19 is a nice meeting place midway, it flows decent for 100mL and goes in like butter. Terumo's are nice :)

Boo is eating well and got to go outside for a few minutes. Bobbie-Jo was a little curious and started to come up on the front porch, which shocked me because she acts feral and won't let me get near her. She is also a bully so I told her NO and she went back to the walkway. Boo could've cared less. Once he saw her he grunted and meowed a couple of times, otherwise, he was like, "Whatever man, I'm too tired and it's too nice out here."

The other cats stand at the backdoor and watch him get his fluids, though. They seem very amazed by it. I hope Boo is not embarrassed (Not as long as he has his temptations!)

I've also added a picture to the Lab Work photos of the X-ray I received. It is a before and after shot and the caption explains what took place. But I think it's pretty evident. I was shocked when I first saw the left one. 

Thank you all so much <3 <3 xo


06/21/2012 22:51

Happiness is accompanied by sorrow, and the rain should have the clear sky. If rain remains after rain and sorrow remains after sorrow if. Please let us face this calmly leave after the departure. Smiles and it is impossible to find one of you!


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    Boo was a 13.5 year old Persian male with Chronic Renal Failure diagnosed 03/15/10. He passed away peacefully on 08/02/10. For more on Boo, visit Boo's Life Story page.

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    I live in Central North Carolina and take care of 6 cats. 4 outside 'wanderers' and 2 indoor, Boo and Chickster. Boo is 13 years old and Chickster is 1-2. I'd rather be at home with my cats than anywhere else. I devote most of my time to Boo and try not to accidentally ignore Chickie Sue. I am starting to notice they can be a lot like children sometimes! It is not always an easy job!


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