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Thank you Kaika's mom. I do have to remember to treat the cat, not the numbers. 

He is eating the baby food like it's the best thing he's ever had, and is now refusing the Hi Tor (Well, I can't probably say refusing since I offered it right after he ate some baby food, and in comparison, yes, Hi Tor smells not so great) but he ate the rest of a 1/2 jar of Roast beef and a 1/2 jar of Turkey. I am worried that the protein is going to overload his already weakened system, but he needs it for muscles. He has barely any, and he's wasting away. And he loves it. So, he gets it. He gets whatever he wants. And he doesn't want any temptations either. I haven't seen him touch any dry food since I've started the baby food. I offer it constantly. He is drinking water, got it himself out of the tub earlier but once back downstairs was a bit tired so I put him in his box for him. I am going to take him outside in a few minutes as it's a nice 70 degrees, but might be a little chilly. He may not even want to go out. 

He doesn't feel like doing much, purrs when I rub on him or say hello or kiss him all over and bother him (I kiss him at the base of his tail and say "I'm kissing your butt! I'm kissing your butt!" And he grunt/purrs at me everytime LOL) but he can get down and go where he needs. He jumped out of the tub with no trouble.

Still confused about breathing normally when asleep. And he hasn't slept like this (after his last surgery to fix his extraction) since December, and he has been sleeping LOTS. Which I guess he needs. He likes for us to be around, which is why we guess he picked the server in the livingroom because someone is always down there. We washed his blankie that he tinkled on and put it back in his box and he's happy with that. 

I have decided to skip fluids today, since if skipping 200mL/day at the beginning of all this "wouldn't hurt anything" then I am doubtful 100mL/day skipping for one day will hurt anything. He has been getting  ALOT of water in his food and out of the tub, and I am worried that while he doesn't have any fluid in his lungs (Said the vet) he may have fluid AROUND his lungs/heart. He is not sitting up constantly like when he was over-hydrated the last time, but I am wondering. He just has a funny breath sound. So one day skip and then we will see. I am also skipping the Pet Tinic as with all the good nutrition in a baby food, I don't want to overload him with Pet tinic either. So as for today, water, food and petting, is all he gets. 

Thank you all so much <3 <3 <3


01/03/2011 23:16

Farewell to my ignorant hope in YOUTH.


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