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Boo is breathing just a bit fast but has a strange grunt at the end of every exhale. He was constipated, I assisted with clearing that up, he had a big poop and was tired afterwards (Had to help pull one out, it was that big :( ) So I am taking him in in a few minutes and will have his anemia and BUN ran, and have the vet listen to his chest. He may be getting over hydrated again with 100mL every day. With water being added to his Hi Tor and his drinking water, we may not be having to administer 100mL eevery day. We will see though. It is hard to tell with Boo, his skin is loose from age and doesn't lay down even when hydrated, so will discuss that as well. 

Thank you all <3 Will update later.


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06/17/2012 23:59

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    Boo was a 13.5 year old Persian male with Chronic Renal Failure diagnosed 03/15/10. He passed away peacefully on 08/02/10. For more on Boo, visit Boo's Life Story page.

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    I live in Central North Carolina and take care of 6 cats. 4 outside 'wanderers' and 2 indoor, Boo and Chickster. Boo is 13 years old and Chickster is 1-2. I'd rather be at home with my cats than anywhere else. I devote most of my time to Boo and try not to accidentally ignore Chickie Sue. I am starting to notice they can be a lot like children sometimes! It is not always an easy job!


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