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My regular vet I see at the new place is on vacation, so I saw another vet there. I will go over all of this with her and see if she has any different ideas. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, as it's hard to remember things and remember where I found certain people offering advice. 

Boo had a BUN and PCV done. His BUN is off the charts, so the vet "diluted" it 1:1 (Whatever that means) to get a certain number. He got 199. That is way worse than it ever was. This just happened suddenly, I noticed him breathing oddly yesterday. His PCV however went UP to 20%, which is great. I am wondering if the Pet Tinic had anything to do with his BUN level rising but will ask the vet.

He is feeling pretty crappy. I gave him his fluids per vet instructions once returning home, he has peed (in the carrier as usual) and pooped (already mentioned that one) and drank water when he got home. He hasn't eaten and refused his temptation. I have been instructed to give him 1/4 of a pepcid everyday to help with the acid. His body is basically very acid right now. The vet said his back leg muscles have wasted almost completely away, hence the balancing problems and falling off of things. Also when I go to pet him in his box he nearly falls over. And I don't whack him either. 

This vet (a male vet) is a very reality based vet, which is all well and good, but of course he said Boo might not have long, but his lungs were not wheezing and it did not seem there was any fluid in the lungs. His breathing, while just a bit quicker, was ok, and his breathing like this is a part of getting the toxins down in his blood. It is some metabolic thing going on. The more C02 he gets rid of, the more the toxins metabolize out of his system I guess? That is what it sounded like in my head. On top of that he is getting fluids and foods to flush it. 

He lost .6 ounces and is down to 5 pounds even. This vet seemed to be very concerned about his weight (It IS concerning) but as for as LOSING weight, I think he was 5 pounds at the surgery. In any case, the vet wants him eating whatever the heck he wants. I have to go buy some baby food too. I am not to assist feed him as this will cause stress and make everything worse, per the vet. 

My mom and I are at a loss and are very depressed about this news. Not sure what to say about it. Boo is a fighter, and I don't want to give up on him, but I am to make a list of everything I think a cat loves to do everyday, and then start marking off the things Boo can't do anymore. Once I'm down to 2 items he can do, "the decision is pretty much made up for me," as he put it. Which sounds like a decent way of making that particular decision but I don't know. I think I will know when it happens. 

I do not understand the sudden jump in BUN though it could've been piling up for awhile now. I also don't understand the anemia going UP and the BUN following. That just seems suspicious like something is causing it. 

I am looking at his Pet Tinic and the Temptations I've been giving him (For tartar control, I only gave them to him as treats after his meds and he loved them, maybe anywhere from 2-5 based on how well he acted each day) I am wondering if the Temptations could have helped the BUN go up, ... I just do not know. I will have to consult with Dr. Pierce when she returns. I trust her, not to say I don't trust this man, but let's just say it's me that's the issue and I want a second opinion. 

That's about it. He offered hospitalization for 2 or 3 days with IV, but with Boo's attitude and personality he thought it was better for him to be at home and less stressed as stress would just make everything worse. I have no doubt that Mom trying to redo the bathroom, tearing things up and bringing in fresh wood board is helping matters. 

Anyway. Yeah. That's all I can think to say. Vet said to leave him be and let him rest, so I'm going to go knock myself out so I don't bother him and I will try to get my Mom to do the same. If you believe in it and are not offended by it, please pray for Boo. Otherwise, please send vibes, cross your fingers or do some sort of dance. I really don't care what it is. Boo needs all the good mojo he can get. 

Thank you all so much <3 <3


'Kaika's mom
07/30/2010 21:39

We are sending purrs and healing energy to Boo as well as prayers. It's all good. I know how you worry about your little boy, but please take care of yourself, too. And like my vet told me, treat the cat, not the numbers. Sometimes their behavior doesn't match their lab results. But if he's acting normally and eating, that's a good thing. Hang in there.

01/05/2011 21:59

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