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Boo isn't doing well. It's 10:30. If I try to move him he starts breathing even more desperately, and while his gums are pink I just feel like he's struggling for some reason. His eyes are slitted, his third eyelids are showing and his tail is flipping around like he's annoyed. He won't even let me give him fluids now and took a swipe at me but I may try again. CAlled the vet andw aiting on him to call me back, as I don't want to take him up there and stress him out more. I put him in his box and he just sat there. In tears now. not sure what to do. 


'Kaika's mom
07/31/2010 16:47

I'm so sorry he isn't doing well today. I hope the vet has called you back by now. I hate when these things happen on the weekends. It might be good to wait on the fluids until the vet has evaluated him. Keep us posted. Hugs ...


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    Boo was a 13.5 year old Persian male with Chronic Renal Failure diagnosed 03/15/10. He passed away peacefully on 08/02/10. For more on Boo, visit Boo's Life Story page.

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    I live in Central North Carolina and take care of 6 cats. 4 outside 'wanderers' and 2 indoor, Boo and Chickster. Boo is 13 years old and Chickster is 1-2. I'd rather be at home with my cats than anywhere else. I devote most of my time to Boo and try not to accidentally ignore Chickie Sue. I am starting to notice they can be a lot like children sometimes! It is not always an easy job!


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