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Boo is tripping us out lately. Sometimes he jumps for the server and misses (It is rare now, last time was the sliding down the side incident) and then sometimes he jumps up there, no problems, and misses knocking everything over on the table. Telephone, lazy-susan, candlesticks (I want to take them off the server but my mother keeps putting them back. I said ok, your candlesticks get broken, your fault) He is such an acrobat sometimes!

He is still eating well. We ACTUALLY FINISHED A CAN OF HI TOR TODAY! It took about two days, but I didn't end up throwing half the can out because he refused it. So the mushing it with hot water into a soup is working for room temps and refrigerated temps. That's a relief.

he's chomping on dry food and his temptations, crunching on them well. His extraction sites look GREAT and are healed up perfectly. I am very happy with them.

Things are going well except for this morning coming home I noticed him swallowing a few times, so I am going to keep an eye on him and probably pop a 1/4 of a Pepcid in him in a bit. I hope his tummy is not acidy. I checked the back of his mouth and gums for any redness or blisters, it is just as light pink as ever (Old vet said his gums were pale, but his nose and gums have always been a very light shade of pink..... so....) so I am not thinking it is acid coming into his mouth. He may have got a hold of some Purina One and it is not agreeing with him. 

He wanted to go outside but I always give fluids beforehand. Afterwards he just wants to lay in his box :T I feel bad, but we have tree cutting guys running through the neighborhood today and it's too loud to be out there for him anyway. 
I will take him out later this afternoon though.

Thank you all <3 <3
Boo may have arthritis in his back legs. He is trying to do combo jumps and sometimes failing miserably (Slid all the way down the side of the (short) server in the livingroom after trying to nail it and landed on some plastic bags, he is ok) Will talk to the vet about that and his wobbliness in his back end. Otherwise he is eating, being grumpy about his fluids and we are done with the antibiotic. He is eating hard food and wet and things are going well (it seems) though this morning he acted very depressed and didn't really want to do anything. I took him outside for ten minutes and it perked him up. He'd live out there if he could. 

<3 thank you all
Just a little pic for you guys from his trip outside, already 81 degrees at 9AM, woo! He is a little sleepy so yes, I can see why a lot of people say he looks grumpy. He DEFINITELY looks grumpy in these, but I kind of did a surprise "Let's go outside!" *pick up, put ouside* so he was going "WTH?" 

I am losing track of dates, but he is almost done with his antibiotic and has not had any buprenex, still has 2 syringes left. I ran out of 18G needles and am using the 20G Terumo's I bought a while back, and he doesn't mind those and is much more patient these days with the fluids. It takes a good few minutes for 20G's to pass 100mL! 

In other news, he is getting water out of the tub and not crying at all in the tub like he was. It is so obvious how much his mouth is not hurting him anymore. He is eating like a piggie, and I discovered I didn't need to assist feed him, I just needed to add hot water to the refridged Hi Tor, mush it into a thin gruel and he LOVES IT. He is eating his Iams Renal that I bought months ago that he refused them, but loves it now, and I also got him some Royal Canin. He is getting into that "I'm not in the mood for that today, let's try this" ... he has not touched the Purina One as far as I can tell, and as for the Purina One, Petco ran out of the Chicken and Rice so I had to buy one of those HUGE 16 lb bag of Purina One Healthy Weight Formula food. The Phos on it is only .7 (Thank you Purina for listing it!) which is not ideal for Boo but is not a huge concern if he gets some of it for me. In comparison, his Hi Tor Neo is .1 in phos. :T

He is grooming his mouth, face, legs and his belly and inner thighs where the dark dirty messy stuff is, and I just CANNOT wash that stuff off, I have no clue what it is! I bought a flea and dust comb at Petco for 1.99 (THANK YOU Petco! I didn't want the 8 dollar wooden handled metal comb!) but I can't use it on Boo as, well, he has no fur right now! Chickster has no fleas. I am hesitant to use it on the outdoor cats LOL. It's an "I don't want to know" thing. (Will do it tho)

I also bought him some Dairy Flavor and Beef Flavor temptations for "after med/fluid" treats. He loves those. He is crunching on his food and getting used to his new mouth situation. I pray I don't ever have to get all his teeth pulled, because that's just a horrible thought. 

He is LOVING going outside in the 90 degree weather, he laid on his side and curled his head up under him upside down and was very happy. As soon as the misquitoes started biting we went inside (they bit me, not him, but I keep a close eye to make sure they don't go after him, with his shaved fur, it is growing back in now) 

Hoping that Boo starts gaining some weight. He is a bit wobbly in the back legs, but his fluids are being absorbed well. With the extra water added to his Hi Tor and the water drinking, I think 100-115mL is fine for now. I am still getting another PCV test soon and I want to get a BUN test too. The new vet has been so great to me and I adore them very much for all the care and consideration they have given me. 

As for the old vet, they are being dealt with. I may start an entirely separate blog somewhere else on a different site to document my experience with this, as it may be some help to others. 

That's it for now! Thank you guys so much!
Boo's been a handful. He wants to go outside, he tries to sneak out and he's been sneaking dry food. So we put some Iams renal diet dry down and he ate that. Problem is, Chickster likes it, too. So it's one of those food fight things going on. I mixed some Hi Tor in a bowl with warm water and was getting ready to assist feed him when I gave him one last chance to do it on his own. He went nuts over it and ate half of it! So, I will try that again. Otherwise, if he can't get to go outside (It being 90+ and feeling like 100 with straight blaring sun) he sits in his box looking pouty. He's also learned a new grumble, it is not a growl or a meow, but a grumpy grumble. *sighs* That's my baby. I had to wash his feed when I got home because he apparently stepped all in his puddle of pee ... so I'm off to check the pans and make sure he didn't piddle beside it. 

Thank you all <3 <3 <3
Boo started asking for water on his own again (from the tub) and food this morning (Dry, but we soak it in water for 15 minutes until it puffs up and is soft) So he's eating ok but is passing over his Hi Tor so is being assist-fed his Hi Tor ... no more buprenex until he shows signs of needing it which I don't think he will. He only has two syringes of it left and it's only .1 of 1mL so it's barely 2 drops. In any case, he's doing well and has started head bumping and rubbing all over us if we pet him in his box. Otherwise he likes his box and hasn't bothered to come up to bed with me :( I hope he starts sleeping in bed with me again but it could have something to do with my mattress being on the floor. I will hopefully be able to get a platform under it soon as he likes to be up high and not on the floor. We will see.

Thank you all for your reading, support and concern! <3
That buprenex is somethin' else. Boo is thinking he is superman and went and took a flying leap from the chair to the desk, which are really close to each other, but he missed the desk by half his body and went hanging from his front claws. I had to drop everything in my hands to catch him, then he had a very short "collapse" episode but wasn't breathign real fast, it was more like he was saying "Oooooo dang that hurt!" and then he jumped back down and went to sit on the back of the recliner again. That's his spot for now. He drank a good amount of water but I had to assist feed him some liquified Hi-Tor with just a touch of Friskies. I want him off of that Friskies but I haven't smelled his breath to see if it smells like Ammonia. I will do that in a few minutes. 
Otherwise, he has gas and soft poop, not runny or watery, but soft. And when he did poop it wasn't much. It didn't smell foul like death the last time he had diarrhea, this smelled strange though. I think it is probably everything he has had in his system. Poor baby, he was just a pootin' and pootin'. I wanted to laugh but I know how bad gas pains can feel. It was a small amount, so Mom and I are wondering where his food is going. I said hopefully to him!

Have to go now. THank you all <3 <3
Boo's been doing well. He's still eating like a pig but I am mixing more Hi Tor into it. I'm thankful that the vet took a good look (Think she took x-rays) of all of his other teeth and said they all looked good for right now, so that is great. He wanted to go outside this morning and did for awhile, and I just wanted to share this picture of this completely adorable photo of him I got this morning. I call it his "Friskies 'stache"

Thanks everyone!! <3

Boo has been pretty much only sleeping since he came home yesterday. He has been eating like a pig and I am hoping to get him back fully on his Hi Tor shortly. Otherwise things seem to be going fine and he is purring, but has not asked to go outside yet. 

That's about it! Until he actually does something other than sit around sleeping I'll let you know, LOL. The vet said he would be sleepy for a few days, and he is still on his buprenex. 

Thank you all so much <3
Letting you guys know, Boo came through surgery like a champ. Went and visited him and he was still a little loopy and trying to get out of his cage but is doing ok. Kept twisting his IV up but otherwise has all the nurses in love with him. The vet even took pictures with a camera of his mouth to show me what she had done before and after, and took 5 x-rays throughout. I was so amazed she was so thoughtful to as taken pictures. 
But it looks great. She said his other teeth look fine, they could do with a dental but they weren't bad enough to be done right then and she didn't want to keep him under any longer than necessary due to his CRF.
Bonus: I get to bring him home today instead of tomorrow, since he is flopping about in his cage and generally keeping the nurses busy untangling his IV line. He should be un-dopey when I pick him up in an hour and a half. So happy!!! 

Meanwhile she will be emailing me a copy of the x-ray so I can have it for other things and get the other matter in order. Here's to hoping Boo can put on some weight and be his old self again!!!

Thank you all 

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