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Boo finally had his Hi Tor get here today. He ate a full can of C/D, so I am hoping that is why he is acting a little differently than usual. His fluids went fine, he got his pet tinic, everything was pretty routine until he ate the c/d wet, which I gave him to hold him until the Hi Tor was delivered (Miscalculation on my part) ... now he's been active all day, but he is sitting here on the desk instead of laying in his box. His tail is tapping in that annoyed anxious "I'm so irritated with something" way... but he is purring.. yet he's trembling a bit. Not cold here, nearly 80F. 

Sometimes he worries me so... The vet is due to call me soon about his next PCV test, and also to look at his teeth. They have gray spots all over them and look bad, not to mention his mouth smells awful. I will update when I find something out. Thanks everyone <3
Please don't feel cheated, I am copying and pasting this from his thread at the forums. I am very tired.

hope you all have a wonderful day <3

Ugh... what a morning and it's only 8:31. I've been home for approximately one hour and already feels like a whole day!

Boo stayed in the tub FOREVER and wouldn't drink the stream of water until I went and got him a glass with ice in it. He drank that fine. Then he just sat there. I finally dried him off and got him his fluids. THOSE went very badly. I stuck him 4 times, 2 of which didn't even break the skin, 1 which something happened and I heard a very muffled hissing and Boo started growling, so I took it out and it bled a tiny drop, but now it's all crinkly. Air? I switched sides and ignored his ticked off mew and got it the last time, though too far to the front, more than I like, and some has gone down into his front leg.

Poor baby I feel so so horrible when I do that to him. Then he ate his little treat of Purina, then a nice bit of Hi Tor, and wanted to go outside. WELL:

I got my cup of coffee and we went and sat on the front porch. Everything was swell. Chickster got in the open window and I said well, .. you know it's pretty safe here right now, and she's real skitterish, so I'll just see if she wants to come out, so I raised the screen on my window. It took her about 10 minutes to finally jump out, and every single sound made her jump sky high. Then she meandered over towards Boo.

Don't know if Boo didn't realize it was her or did realize it was her and was pissed off that she was taking "his time" outside, but he went all out and tried to attack the pure t woman out of her. I grabbed him before he got a real good smack in but I think he caught her once or twice on the neck with his claws. When she stops being mad at ME and I can touch her I will check it out. She flew back in the window and Boo was growling and madder than spit. So, I said that's enough, let's go inside. He yowled at the door for awhile but he had a good few minutes out there, we may go out later this evening if it cools off or rains.

I didn't yell at him or anything, but I did put my hand over the back of his neck to hold him in place while Chickster got away. Boo is not happy with me right now and has his back turned while he sits in a cardboard box that just happened to have a pillow thrown in it. He's got it tilted now and ... ugh, I'm afraid if I try to adjust it he'll just give up sleeping there.

He is starting to yowl if I leave the room for too long. Like if I go downstairs to fix his food or water, or warm his fluids, he'll start yowling. Not a real painful "OMG something happened I fell and can't get up" yowl, but a "Maaaaaaaaaama... maaaaaamaaaa..." And as soon as I come around the corner he starts purring. So.

As far as energy I know good dern well he has some after that attack! I am going to try to get some rest because I think that upset me more than it did either of them. Being an "only child" for nearly 11 or so years really does a number on Chickster I guess? She wants to cuddle and be nice with him, but he just ... won't have it.

Anyway. Things are good for now. Hoping the Hi Tor is delivered today. UPS always delivers it RIGHT before I start freaking out LOL

Thanks guys
Chickster was attacking her own rear because she had a dingleberry, a rather large one, or you could say, one that wouldn't come out. She dropped it on the carpet finally and I examined it. It was full of fur. No wonder it wouldn't come out. I gave her a bit of miralax to soften her stool because it's quite firm. She's doing fine now. Didn't mean to worry anyone.
This cat is completely different. He has been up and around since 7pm and begging to go outside. I've taken him out even though at 9pm it's STILL sticky hot and nasty outside. I found a frog and let him smell of it. I set it in front of him and it jumped off the porch, and he went skittering after it (Nowhere near falling off the porch, it was ok) and really loved all the lightning bugs. I took him back in because I was worried about mosquitoes and the other wanderers (The Army) came by, so I said well, let's just go in, but wow he did not like that one bit. He begged to go back outside, even tried the back door. He bangs at the front door now. He was very energetic. Trots everywhere, still no episode of collapse. I cleaned his tail, inner thighs, neck and armpits with baby wipes and he really enjoyed that.

Unfortunately now I have a problem with Chickster trying to attack her own rear. She may have diarrhea. Have to go. Thank you all <3
I apologize again for not posting yesterday, as it was a very long day running about getting the Epogen then going back to the Vet's later, after working 3rd shift. 

The GREAT news, is Dr. Pierce did a PCV test on him and she used a method that is new to me, with a small little stick and a graph. The stick contained his blood in one end and the fluid in his blood in the other. So, the best way I can explain it is that the little bit of blood in the end of the stick was how many red blood cells he has. HIS PCV WAS 19%!!!! She used no hand held I STAT Machine or anything. This was a little laminated graph. So, seeing this, and checking his skin turgor (Which she added what I was thinking, he is older and his skin is saggy, so his skin turgor looks ok to her) she said it was my decision if I wanted to start the Epogen. She said any % under 30 is still severe, but once we start it's a commitment, and we can't stop it (Or he could build antibodies and become immune to it)

So on the vet's information, I made the decision to WAIT to start the Epogen and we will keep an eye on his anemia. She said it could be that the Pet Tinic and the lowered fluids and helping to the point that it may be going up. If we do one or two more tests and they are still the same, we will start the Epogen. I have it in the fridge (Along with syringes) and she showed me how to use it, which is pretty simple. It does not expire (What a TINY Vial!!!) until 2012, so it will be safe in there for a bit. 

Otherwise, his weight has gone down for some reason. He weighed last time at 6.4 I believe, and he's gone down to 5.8. We weren't entirely sure why, he's been eating pretty well, but she did bring up the possibility that if he does have cancer, his appetite may go awry. He has been eating fine, but am making it a point to offer him his Hi Tor more often and not FORCE it on him, but encourage him to eat more often. I told her Boo was going nutty over the Purina One and he's been sneaking into Chickster's bowl, which also has C/D dry in it. 
She was surprisingly alright with that. She agreed it is more important he eat something than nothing, and she said the C/D is fattening so that was alright with her. The phos isn't too horrible in it either, so I will get him his own bowl and then a separate bowl of Royal Canin, which he likes alright. He is pooping and peeing ok. His pee amount has not changed and sometimes the poor guy sounds like he's making a man made lake in there. It's always the same, it goes "Psssssssssssssssssssss...... pss. pss. pss pss pss ps ps ps ps" It's very cute. But he has no problems peeing. (He shouldn't, he has no tinkie winkie, just a urethra, poor baby)

in any case, .. it is his time to go outside. He has not had a collapse episode since his last one at the vet (If I remember correctly) and certainly none I've seen this week. He's been very sociable and in fact has blocked my monitor several times. He got up on the bed with me once for just a bit, and he hasn't slept in his tent for most of this week. His new spot is the back of the couch. 

Thank you all for your care and taking the time to read about Boo, and to those of you who were able to donate, it means so much to me, and someone has recently just completely covered his Epogen cost, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will post the bill from the Vet and the bill from the pharm for his Epogen shortly. 

Thank you!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Boo grooms his face for you! :) (He is grooming very enthusiastically) 
Tomorrow I take Boo in to have Dr. Pierce show me how to give the Epogen. It will be 53.98. I will have to run by the pharm, it is packed in ice, and take it to Dr. Pierce to keep cool for me, then run back home and get Boo and take him back up there. We will have to do weekly blood tests @ 16 dollars to keep an eye on his anemia levels. She would also like to take a creatinine reading which my other vet never did except for the very first blood panel back in March. Anyway, great news, Boo got up on the bed with me while I was sleeping and I petted him for as long as I could before passingout, but he laid down next to me for a bit. Now he is sitting on the arm of my computer chair purring. He is showing much happiness today. He enjoyed his outside trip this morning. I am glad that the new outdoor male (Boca [Abra la Boca = "open mouth"]) did not attempt to attack him or anything. He rolled around on the walkway and watched with interest, but Boo basically ignored him.

Things are goin well! :)



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Yes, it was extremely easy to get his records, though I thought they would be copies of the big blue cards they write on all the time. This was a computerized version of everything listed by date and including any update phone calls I made to them or they made to me. It was relatively thick. I told them I was making a scrapbook. My mother is already getting into a huge fight with her old dentist about her records, I did not want to go through more BS with anybody, so I lied. Plain and simple ;) They all went "Awwww" and whether they bought it or not I don't care! He had no and has never had any X-rays at the old place so there were none to retrieve.

Boo got to go outside today right after it rained a bit, and I took his harness off while we sat on a cement bench in the yard. BOY! Was he happy! He rubbed on me and bumped me with his head over and over and over again! It was a nice day. I washed his tail with a warm cloth and he loved that too (Or did I already mention that? Can't wait for the weekend!)

Thanks guys, blessings to you all <3

The vet called. She went so far as to offer to go get the Epogen for me at the pharmacy, because it's a little out of my way. I told her I would get it though. She has already done so much for me. God thank You for this vet, she is everything I have always desired in a vet. Such a sweetheart!! 

It will be about 53 bucks a vial. I will be making an appt tomorrow to go in Friday to have her show me to how to give it, but will have to go by the pharmacy early Friday morning to get the vial.

AH! BOO is trying to drink my tea! I must go! 
I am hoping to hear from the vet soon about his Epogen. Hopefully I can get it less than 50 bucks, but we'll see. I'll do whatever I have to do. I have a speaker system in the back of my car a guy wants at work, so I may just have to go pull that sucker out today and take it to him. Also might look for things to pawn. Unfortunately we don't have enough stuff to have a yard sale or I'd do that. 

Boo is doing well. Sub-q's were tough, I apparently hit a nerve about 3 times (*wince* I'm sorry, Boo) but we finally got it done. No purring this time, though. Then he had his treat, catnip and water and he is resting again. I washed his tail with a wet warm cloth and he was lovin' that, then I cleaned his little patooter off and he loved that too. Then he went poop! It was so awesome. Well. Kinda. I walked in on him accidentally and poooooooooooooor little cat, he pooped a lot. And it was solid! Smelled like poop, not like I've-caught-a-tropical-disease poop. 

I have to go pass out now. Hope everyone is well <3 <3 Will update as soon as I hear from the vet .
Sorry if my posts have been getting cut off. I sometimes forget to click outside the post box to set it and then publish it to live. 

in other news, I am going to the vet right now to get the records, and then I will run them over to my new vet, so she can get them. Pray that I don't run into any "obstacles". <3

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