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Boo isn't doing well. It's 10:30. If I try to move him he starts breathing even more desperately, and while his gums are pink I just feel like he's struggling for some reason. His eyes are slitted, his third eyelids are showing and his tail is flipping around like he's annoyed. He won't even let me give him fluids now and took a swipe at me but I may try again. CAlled the vet andw aiting on him to call me back, as I don't want to take him up there and stress him out more. I put him in his box and he just sat there. In tears now. not sure what to do. 
Thank you Kaika's mom. I do have to remember to treat the cat, not the numbers. 

He is eating the baby food like it's the best thing he's ever had, and is now refusing the Hi Tor (Well, I can't probably say refusing since I offered it right after he ate some baby food, and in comparison, yes, Hi Tor smells not so great) but he ate the rest of a 1/2 jar of Roast beef and a 1/2 jar of Turkey. I am worried that the protein is going to overload his already weakened system, but he needs it for muscles. He has barely any, and he's wasting away. And he loves it. So, he gets it. He gets whatever he wants. And he doesn't want any temptations either. I haven't seen him touch any dry food since I've started the baby food. I offer it constantly. He is drinking water, got it himself out of the tub earlier but once back downstairs was a bit tired so I put him in his box for him. I am going to take him outside in a few minutes as it's a nice 70 degrees, but might be a little chilly. He may not even want to go out. 

He doesn't feel like doing much, purrs when I rub on him or say hello or kiss him all over and bother him (I kiss him at the base of his tail and say "I'm kissing your butt! I'm kissing your butt!" And he grunt/purrs at me everytime LOL) but he can get down and go where he needs. He jumped out of the tub with no trouble.

Still confused about breathing normally when asleep. And he hasn't slept like this (after his last surgery to fix his extraction) since December, and he has been sleeping LOTS. Which I guess he needs. He likes for us to be around, which is why we guess he picked the server in the livingroom because someone is always down there. We washed his blankie that he tinkled on and put it back in his box and he's happy with that. 

I have decided to skip fluids today, since if skipping 200mL/day at the beginning of all this "wouldn't hurt anything" then I am doubtful 100mL/day skipping for one day will hurt anything. He has been getting  ALOT of water in his food and out of the tub, and I am worried that while he doesn't have any fluid in his lungs (Said the vet) he may have fluid AROUND his lungs/heart. He is not sitting up constantly like when he was over-hydrated the last time, but I am wondering. He just has a funny breath sound. So one day skip and then we will see. I am also skipping the Pet Tinic as with all the good nutrition in a baby food, I don't want to overload him with Pet tinic either. So as for today, water, food and petting, is all he gets. 

Thank you all so much <3 <3 <3



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Went and bought some 2nd level Gerber baby food like the vet said. Boo ate nearly an entire jar of Chicken and Chicken gravy (No onions or garlic) and loved it. Mom said while I was gone he went and tinkled, got on the server and had to lay down to recover for about 1 minute, then bounced right back up and was fine. I am guessing this is from the muscle wasting the vet mentioned, because his PCV is 20%, up from 19%. Which is good. 

Before I left to get the baby food, Mom and I caught him curled up in his box on his right side (The side with his enlarged kidney, he always lays on that side usually, doesn't seem to cause him any pain) with his head down on its side and he only lays like that when he's REALLY comfy. His breathing was NORMAL guys. It was deep and relaxed. What GIVES? I am so confused! I can't wait to tell Dr. Pierce about this.

Another interesting thing is the vet I saw today, at the same hospital, said he had "heard about Boo-Boo". I was like what? Wow, he's getting around huh? :) Guess those x-rays made an impression on those vets. Good. 

Anyway. Boo is resting now, I must clean out pans and try to get some rest too as both Mom and Boo are napping. Chickster, too. She has been very quiet since we got back from the vet, ... which kinda worries me.. but can't do much about it now. She is in her little kitty tent sleeping.

Thank you all so much <3 <3 <3
My regular vet I see at the new place is on vacation, so I saw another vet there. I will go over all of this with her and see if she has any different ideas. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, as it's hard to remember things and remember where I found certain people offering advice. 

Boo had a BUN and PCV done. His BUN is off the charts, so the vet "diluted" it 1:1 (Whatever that means) to get a certain number. He got 199. That is way worse than it ever was. This just happened suddenly, I noticed him breathing oddly yesterday. His PCV however went UP to 20%, which is great. I am wondering if the Pet Tinic had anything to do with his BUN level rising but will ask the vet.

He is feeling pretty crappy. I gave him his fluids per vet instructions once returning home, he has peed (in the carrier as usual) and pooped (already mentioned that one) and drank water when he got home. He hasn't eaten and refused his temptation. I have been instructed to give him 1/4 of a pepcid everyday to help with the acid. His body is basically very acid right now. The vet said his back leg muscles have wasted almost completely away, hence the balancing problems and falling off of things. Also when I go to pet him in his box he nearly falls over. And I don't whack him either. 

This vet (a male vet) is a very reality based vet, which is all well and good, but of course he said Boo might not have long, but his lungs were not wheezing and it did not seem there was any fluid in the lungs. His breathing, while just a bit quicker, was ok, and his breathing like this is a part of getting the toxins down in his blood. It is some metabolic thing going on. The more C02 he gets rid of, the more the toxins metabolize out of his system I guess? That is what it sounded like in my head. On top of that he is getting fluids and foods to flush it. 

He lost .6 ounces and is down to 5 pounds even. This vet seemed to be very concerned about his weight (It IS concerning) but as for as LOSING weight, I think he was 5 pounds at the surgery. In any case, the vet wants him eating whatever the heck he wants. I have to go buy some baby food too. I am not to assist feed him as this will cause stress and make everything worse, per the vet. 

My mom and I are at a loss and are very depressed about this news. Not sure what to say about it. Boo is a fighter, and I don't want to give up on him, but I am to make a list of everything I think a cat loves to do everyday, and then start marking off the things Boo can't do anymore. Once I'm down to 2 items he can do, "the decision is pretty much made up for me," as he put it. Which sounds like a decent way of making that particular decision but I don't know. I think I will know when it happens. 

I do not understand the sudden jump in BUN though it could've been piling up for awhile now. I also don't understand the anemia going UP and the BUN following. That just seems suspicious like something is causing it. 

I am looking at his Pet Tinic and the Temptations I've been giving him (For tartar control, I only gave them to him as treats after his meds and he loved them, maybe anywhere from 2-5 based on how well he acted each day) I am wondering if the Temptations could have helped the BUN go up, ... I just do not know. I will have to consult with Dr. Pierce when she returns. I trust her, not to say I don't trust this man, but let's just say it's me that's the issue and I want a second opinion. 

That's about it. He offered hospitalization for 2 or 3 days with IV, but with Boo's attitude and personality he thought it was better for him to be at home and less stressed as stress would just make everything worse. I have no doubt that Mom trying to redo the bathroom, tearing things up and bringing in fresh wood board is helping matters. 

Anyway. Yeah. That's all I can think to say. Vet said to leave him be and let him rest, so I'm going to go knock myself out so I don't bother him and I will try to get my Mom to do the same. If you believe in it and are not offended by it, please pray for Boo. Otherwise, please send vibes, cross your fingers or do some sort of dance. I really don't care what it is. Boo needs all the good mojo he can get. 

Thank you all so much <3 <3
Boo is breathing just a bit fast but has a strange grunt at the end of every exhale. He was constipated, I assisted with clearing that up, he had a big poop and was tired afterwards (Had to help pull one out, it was that big :( ) So I am taking him in in a few minutes and will have his anemia and BUN ran, and have the vet listen to his chest. He may be getting over hydrated again with 100mL every day. With water being added to his Hi Tor and his drinking water, we may not be having to administer 100mL eevery day. We will see though. It is hard to tell with Boo, his skin is loose from age and doesn't lay down even when hydrated, so will discuss that as well. 

Thank you all <3 Will update later.
Boo doesn't even need his muzzle on for fluids anymore. He lets me do them as long as I give him a beef temptation. Also, I am using 19 gauge needles now. The 20's were going too slow, but the 18's were too painful for him. So the 19 is a nice meeting place midway, it flows decent for 100mL and goes in like butter. Terumo's are nice :)

Boo is eating well and got to go outside for a few minutes. Bobbie-Jo was a little curious and started to come up on the front porch, which shocked me because she acts feral and won't let me get near her. She is also a bully so I told her NO and she went back to the walkway. Boo could've cared less. Once he saw her he grunted and meowed a couple of times, otherwise, he was like, "Whatever man, I'm too tired and it's too nice out here."

The other cats stand at the backdoor and watch him get his fluids, though. They seem very amazed by it. I hope Boo is not embarrassed (Not as long as he has his temptations!)

I've also added a picture to the Lab Work photos of the X-ray I received. It is a before and after shot and the caption explains what took place. But I think it's pretty evident. I was shocked when I first saw the left one. 

Thank you all so much <3 <3 xo
Boo is tripping us out lately. Sometimes he jumps for the server and misses (It is rare now, last time was the sliding down the side incident) and then sometimes he jumps up there, no problems, and misses knocking everything over on the table. Telephone, lazy-susan, candlesticks (I want to take them off the server but my mother keeps putting them back. I said ok, your candlesticks get broken, your fault) He is such an acrobat sometimes!

He is still eating well. We ACTUALLY FINISHED A CAN OF HI TOR TODAY! It took about two days, but I didn't end up throwing half the can out because he refused it. So the mushing it with hot water into a soup is working for room temps and refrigerated temps. That's a relief.

he's chomping on dry food and his temptations, crunching on them well. His extraction sites look GREAT and are healed up perfectly. I am very happy with them.

Things are going well except for this morning coming home I noticed him swallowing a few times, so I am going to keep an eye on him and probably pop a 1/4 of a Pepcid in him in a bit. I hope his tummy is not acidy. I checked the back of his mouth and gums for any redness or blisters, it is just as light pink as ever (Old vet said his gums were pale, but his nose and gums have always been a very light shade of pink..... so....) so I am not thinking it is acid coming into his mouth. He may have got a hold of some Purina One and it is not agreeing with him. 

He wanted to go outside but I always give fluids beforehand. Afterwards he just wants to lay in his box :T I feel bad, but we have tree cutting guys running through the neighborhood today and it's too loud to be out there for him anyway. 
I will take him out later this afternoon though.

Thank you all <3 <3
Boo may have arthritis in his back legs. He is trying to do combo jumps and sometimes failing miserably (Slid all the way down the side of the (short) server in the livingroom after trying to nail it and landed on some plastic bags, he is ok) Will talk to the vet about that and his wobbliness in his back end. Otherwise he is eating, being grumpy about his fluids and we are done with the antibiotic. He is eating hard food and wet and things are going well (it seems) though this morning he acted very depressed and didn't really want to do anything. I took him outside for ten minutes and it perked him up. He'd live out there if he could. 

<3 thank you all
Just a little pic for you guys from his trip outside, already 81 degrees at 9AM, woo! He is a little sleepy so yes, I can see why a lot of people say he looks grumpy. He DEFINITELY looks grumpy in these, but I kind of did a surprise "Let's go outside!" *pick up, put ouside* so he was going "WTH?" 

I am losing track of dates, but he is almost done with his antibiotic and has not had any buprenex, still has 2 syringes left. I ran out of 18G needles and am using the 20G Terumo's I bought a while back, and he doesn't mind those and is much more patient these days with the fluids. It takes a good few minutes for 20G's to pass 100mL! 

In other news, he is getting water out of the tub and not crying at all in the tub like he was. It is so obvious how much his mouth is not hurting him anymore. He is eating like a piggie, and I discovered I didn't need to assist feed him, I just needed to add hot water to the refridged Hi Tor, mush it into a thin gruel and he LOVES IT. He is eating his Iams Renal that I bought months ago that he refused them, but loves it now, and I also got him some Royal Canin. He is getting into that "I'm not in the mood for that today, let's try this" ... he has not touched the Purina One as far as I can tell, and as for the Purina One, Petco ran out of the Chicken and Rice so I had to buy one of those HUGE 16 lb bag of Purina One Healthy Weight Formula food. The Phos on it is only .7 (Thank you Purina for listing it!) which is not ideal for Boo but is not a huge concern if he gets some of it for me. In comparison, his Hi Tor Neo is .1 in phos. :T

He is grooming his mouth, face, legs and his belly and inner thighs where the dark dirty messy stuff is, and I just CANNOT wash that stuff off, I have no clue what it is! I bought a flea and dust comb at Petco for 1.99 (THANK YOU Petco! I didn't want the 8 dollar wooden handled metal comb!) but I can't use it on Boo as, well, he has no fur right now! Chickster has no fleas. I am hesitant to use it on the outdoor cats LOL. It's an "I don't want to know" thing. (Will do it tho)

I also bought him some Dairy Flavor and Beef Flavor temptations for "after med/fluid" treats. He loves those. He is crunching on his food and getting used to his new mouth situation. I pray I don't ever have to get all his teeth pulled, because that's just a horrible thought. 

He is LOVING going outside in the 90 degree weather, he laid on his side and curled his head up under him upside down and was very happy. As soon as the misquitoes started biting we went inside (they bit me, not him, but I keep a close eye to make sure they don't go after him, with his shaved fur, it is growing back in now) 

Hoping that Boo starts gaining some weight. He is a bit wobbly in the back legs, but his fluids are being absorbed well. With the extra water added to his Hi Tor and the water drinking, I think 100-115mL is fine for now. I am still getting another PCV test soon and I want to get a BUN test too. The new vet has been so great to me and I adore them very much for all the care and consideration they have given me. 

As for the old vet, they are being dealt with. I may start an entirely separate blog somewhere else on a different site to document my experience with this, as it may be some help to others. 

That's it for now! Thank you guys so much!

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